Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Annotated bibliography assignment. I will include an example project that you will refer to as you do the assignment. It is very important that you follow every instruction on the paper! I also with attach my problem statement and research question which you will have to revise and use. You cannot change the problem statement and research question! AND the citations used in this part must remain the same! 


Additionally, I will attach 15 articles that you will have to annotate. APA format, a reference page with 15 sources, a conclusion 1-2 pages that is CITED. 


Also, there is a part called research searchterms & databases. I can do that part myself but if you are willing to do it please let me know first! 

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annotated Bibliography assignment

GES 413: Advanced Research Methods

Guidelines for the preparation of the annotated bibliography

The purposes of this assignment are to ensure that you are moving forward with your literature review, and that you are properly organizing your research materials.  Although this assignment only requires that you provide 4-5 annotated sources, your final proposal for this course will include at least 7-10 sources that are relevant to your research questions.  Your research paper proposal that you submit to your committee may include 40-50 or more citations; your research paper itself will include possible more, so it is important that you develop the ability to properly organize your literature and citations.  The first step in crafting an effective and coherent literature review is to organize your sources in an annotated bibliographical format.

Prepare annotated entries for 4-5 sources that are relevant to your research questions.  Please follow the format below.  Failure to provide complete or thorough information will result in a deduction of points.

The most important elements of this assignment are the relevance and legitimacy of the annotated sources.  These sources should be peer-reviewed (when possible) and directly related to your research questions (as much as possible).

For each source, please provide the following:

1.  Full bibliographic citation:  This should mimic the style that you will use in your final proposal (APA unless your advisor suggests otherwise).

2.  Annotation of the source:  Note that this is not merely a summary of the article.  Construct a 200-300 word paragraph that includes the following components:

  • Brief summary of the main findings / ideas
  • Critique of the methodology
  • Strengths and weaknesses of arguments, analyses, and results
  • Summary of the implications
  • Relevance to your research questions
  • Any other relevant information (e.g. useful quotes, methodological instruments, etc.).

Please be thorough in this exercise and organize your entries alphabetically (by last name of first author).  The assignment will be evaluated in the following manner:

Completeness / thoroughness of annotated bibliography:                                          17 pts.

Clarity / organization / thoughtfulness / grammar                                                         3 pts.

Total                                                                                                                            20 pts.

This assignment will be electronically due on March 2, 2020 by 12:35 p.m.  Any late submissions will be subject to a deduction in your score (see late policy in syllabus).