Annotated bibliography in the new APA 7th edition

Compile an annotated bibliography containing eight books that deal with children, grief & loss. Use APA citations.  The Maria College website has resources available for APA citation. Points will be deducted if citations are not done correctly. Go to the following website for information on annotated bibliographies.


Objective: Students will become familiar with an assortment of books focused on children and grief/death. Books should be appropriate for children of different ages as well as books for adults to provide them with information on children and grief.  The annotated bibliography will be an excellent resource that can be supplied to adults who are seeking information on this very important topic. The goal is to create a professional annotated bibliography that will be useful.



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  1. a) Vary the selection of books by age appropriateness and target audience. Include books

books for younger children, adolescence, teens and adults.

  1. b) Identify the age (example: 5 – 9 years) and target audience for each book. Specify if the
    book is appropriate for toddlers, teens, or adults.  If the book is for younger children,
    please identify specific directions such as “This is a workbook for children under five
    years old and a parent or an adult should work with the child to complete the activities.”
  2. c) Identify specifically who can benefit from reading the book? If the book is designed for
    adults to help them learn about children and grief, specify if the adults are parents,
    teachers, healthcare workers, or others.

Note: All books should focus on how children cope with death and grief and how adults can best support them. Books should not address general loss and grief, death of a child, or adult bereavement. Course texts cannot be used in the bibliography.


  1. Include a brief description/overview of each book. The overview should be in your
    own words, not off the website or book jacket as this is plagiarism and would
    result in a “0” for the assignment.  Please stay within a 6 – 8 sentence range for each
    book. Summarize and capture the important aspects of the book so that one can quickly

identify helpful resources. “More is not always better.”


Example of an insert in an annotated bibliography (Do not use websites in your citations)

Grollman, E. A. (1993). Straight talk about death for teenagers: How to cope with losing          someone you love. Boston, MA: Beacon Press.


Certified death educator and bereavement counselor Rabbi Earl Grollman has created a comprehensive guide to help teenagers manage their grief.  Grollman accompanies adolescents through the debilitating pain of loss, giving practical tips for coping.  His prose is uncomplicated and lyrical, making it palatable for a variety of audiences.  Furthermore, Grollman focuses on skill development, and gives directives about when to seek professional assistance.  Straight Talk About Death for Teenagers: How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love is a must-read for teens, parents, and professionals who have regular contact with adolescents.  (Ages 13 to 19)