Classroom Observation

Classroom Observation

The purpose of this and other observation exercises is to practice observation skills, gain familiarity with observation criteria, practice giving feedback, and learn from one another.

View one of the following lessons linked in the Resources area:

  • If you have an elementary school orientation, view 1st Grade ELA.
  • If you have a middle school or high school orientation, view 8th Grade Reading.


Answer the following question: What did you find as evidence of effective teaching? Be sure to reference the case you analyzed in the subject line of your post.

  • Use the Classroom Observation Form to focus your observations. Add advice for observation from the Sullivan and Glanz text.
  • Record evidence of performance as you observe the instructor in the first part of the template. The template lists components and elements of Domains 2 and 3 of the framework.

You will need to decide, as you view one of the videos, which components and elements are observable in the case you are viewing. Consult the framework to establish a level of proficiency (rating) for each component you observed, and note it on your form next to the appropriate component element.

Give Feedback

Write your 2+2 feedback in the second part of the template—two compliments and two suggestions. The suggestions may also be framed as questions or as alternative instructional strategies for the instructor’s consideration. There are no right or wrong answers. (This observation exercise should be helpful as preparation for an observation of a colleague at your organization.)

Post Classroom Observation Form

Post your form to the discussion by Friday noon. Please note the case to which you are referring. Your instructors will collect your forms, compile the results in a combined form, and post to the discussion once again.

The compiled data will allow you to view your results side-by-side with those of other learners.

Discussion Instructions

Respond to this question:

  • Using the language of the framework (refer to specific components or elements), what did you find as evidence of effective teaching? Cite examples.
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