Confident Speaker

For a confident speaker, objective is a crucial tool which helps to reduce their anxiety. It is formed by clear definition of one’s destination. Our objectives are based on what we want from those we are dealing with. Once you know where you are going, it will be much easier to know whether you are getting closer to or further from your target.

Clear objective anchors allows you to focus all your energy and language on one firm goal. It motivates you to confront a speaking situation that arouses anxiety. It acts as a beacon in your communication efforts and keeps you on the track with your message to focus on the parts of the presentation that are necessary to reach the objective.

Proper organization is another tool to effective presentation. You organize your talk based on the kind of presentation you are giving. Some of the common formats used are speech, executive summary and instructive presentation. The body should include main ideas and any other subordinated points. The key ideas in a talk can be organized by spatial method, cause-effect and cause, chronological method, problem and solution method and topical method.

Getting ready to success needs some tools in order to master every part of a presentation firstly, learning to read people their reactions and behaviors. Strategies for improving your ability to read people are look for consistency, your actions follow words, tune in to the history, ask questions and interrupt as little as possible.

Secondly, know your material; prepare enough but not to overprepare.It is guided by following rules; know the audience, research your topics, know the place, rehearse your talk, get enough rest, analyze but do not dwell and enjoy the process.

Thirdly, create powerful opening and closing. A beginning has to be relevant and somehow leads to the points you will make in the body part. Closing sums up what you stated at the beginning. Finally rehearse the right way and effectively handle questions and answers with confidence.