Darwin’s Theory and Correlations to Gender Evolution and Equality for Blacks


Karl Marx had ideas that were later studied and are now being used by sociologists, historians, philosophers, economists and political scientists. His ideas were perceived as so radical and very inspirational to the revolutionists although were seen as a great threat to the leaders in the State Governments. That has done Marx’s works, and ideas have an enduring impact on sociology in a way that they paved the way to the studies of how social classes have a direct influence on one’s life chances and experiences. The works have shown the differences on the part of the poor and the wealthy in the society (Arthur, Christopher and Geert 144). From what he was dealing with he said there were social elements that determine one’s level of the social class hierarchy.

Darwin, is a man who is committed to monogenic rather than dwelling in the polygenic view of human origins although he grouped humanity into different races, based on their hair, skin and eye color. Darwin also views on gender too but in the utterly conventional way. He talked about the superiority of men over women. Darwin also wrote views on gender, race, and eugenics that are up to date used in studies by historians.

Impact of Darwin and Marx theory on social inequality, particularly gender equality racial and equality for Blacks

Marxism or Marx theory contains the analytical tools that are essential in theorizing and deepening our understanding of gender, class, and race. The intention is to examine the standpoint of Marxist theory, gender and class studies, arguments about race and the class studies that presented some of the proponents (Arthur, Christopher, and Geert 138). Marxism is also politically, and theoretically, that is necessary if the study of gender, grace, and class is to attain more than the documentation that is endless of the variations according to their relative salience and joint effects in very precise experience and contexts.

Most teaching from the Marxist theory on social stratification already adept the practitioners. That has had an impact on the theorist of racial and gender oppression. On gender females were discriminated although, it is apparent that women know how to take care of themselves than men and some males sometimes wish to be females for that reason (Gender Revolution 40). Also, it has made people have the ability to understand their social and economic grievances in racial, ethnic and gender terms that are mostly in the U.S. their struggles for labor. Darwin’s theory too had an impact on the peoples lies based on what Darwin dwelt in so much. The theory has a great effect especially on those who born in a different location, and the people around are not of the same race with them. There tends to be racial discrimination and social differences based on the races and the gender that people are born into. The skin color that was part of Darwin’s explanation in explaining people’s differences in race, has been used greatly in social discrimination especially in the counties where people are white and only a few blacks (Thayer, Bradley and Ramsay 151). However, socialism in this theory has caused natural equality for people, and still, people are striving to social equality like equal human rights, equal possessions, equal enjoyments and equal duties since they already know that human beings are equal is only the color that creates a difference. Also we human beings are unique as individuals and we should not be ranked but linked (Gender Revolution 11). The theory has also enabled people to eradicate competition and struggle for existence. Darwinism has taught human beings that struggle is unavoidable, but the human being has emerged strongly knowing that struggling results to victory for the best.

Most important developments over the past two hundred years that Darwin, Marx, Dubois’ Souls of Black Folk, Cultural Essentialism pdf theory notes, and National Geographic article on feminism /Battle of Algiers role of women have revealed


Darwin has made so many accomplishments that are so diverse that have been used to distinguish the three main fields in which he has made major contributions and developments that is: philosophy of science, evolutionary biology, and modern zeitgeist. Since Darwin was not for typological thinking but instead introduced a different concept that is currently known as population thinking. Thus Darwin has helped introduce history into the scientific way of thinking and the promotion of a new, different approach to interpretation in the field of science. Again the difference between men and women is an issue that Darwin discussed, and in the past 200 years, they are now viewed as equal. Again Darwin being the observer and kind of nature does not underestimate the similarities of the species origins. In his thinking is that diversity makes nature beautiful and due to the different kind of fitnesses that human beings have thus, enabling humans to adapt to the suffering and hostile conditions (Thayer, Bradley and Ramsay 201). Since some people undergo tremendous discrimination, which has pushed them with time, to adapt so that they can survive in the society.

Most of those who have faced that discrimination is females that are based on gender, Native Americans and blacks based on their race and skin color. Females in counties like India have been denied a chance to go to school unlike males thus females had no chance to travel anywhere (Gender Revolution 44) Another development is that human beings have adopted new ways of dressing based on their gender and race. Knowing that people from different regions have a slight difference in ways of adapting to nature, they have invented new modes of dressing also based on their gender since men cannot dress the same as women of the same nation or community. Ladies dress in colors that display femininity since their childhood like pink (Gender Revolution 23). However, men from different races and women of different races are granted the same freedom of dressing regardless of their complexion (Walker, Lenore 96). All that has been enabled by the knowledge provided in the theories of Darwin.

My thinking is that in the last 200 years, Souls of Black Folk has led to changes in how people view the black people and those who are white. People have improved in their way of thinking bearing in mind that people are equal is only the color that brings the difference (Du Bois, William 79). Thus people have learned to treat people in an equal way regardless of their skin color. That idea of race and gender consideration in the community is not advisable because it is divisible (Gender Revolution 11).

The most important development changes that have come up in the last two centuries is that there has been the birth of a working class. In Europe, there have been several theories and programs that have studied the emerging changes that were established. Marx, has attempted to determine the anatomy of the society and give an explanation of the laws of motion that is known as capitalism age. The situation that Marx explained to be the tendency for merging capital, postulated that neither medium nor small size businesses could compete with rapidly growing large business (Arthur, Christopher and Geert 144). Marx had also predicted that the conflict between labor and capital would manifest itself and it has come to pass and that the present crisis was not meant to happen, but economists came to believe that the market can solve all its problems if left on its own.

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