Human Resource Relation with CEO: Huawei Case Study

Huawei Corporation workers have been complaining in the recent past of unfriendly working conditions with the CEO and founder, Ren Zhengfei coming clear on the issue, saying that he would opt for a discussion on the subject to remain within the company community (Chen & Tao, 2019). The relationship between the CEO and human resource has been facing uncertainties as many workers claim the working conditions are too demanding, like long working hours. Moreover, a member of the HR in the company’s laboratories for innovation, technology development, and research said that the previous head of HR would request permission to lay off workers who complained about their welfare like the quality of the canteen and services from shuttle buses operating within the company’s several campuses in China (Chen & Tao, 2019).

 In the company, the formal authorities include Zhengfei, the founder, and also the CEO of the company. There is also the Board of Directors, which is responsible for, among others, operations management, corporate strategies, and even customer satisfaction. They also ensure that their shareholders and customers are protected in terms of their interests. There is the supervisory board that oversees that the board of directors is doing their job accordingly. They also monitor financial and operational statuses and supervise legal compliance and internal control (, 2020). The Human Resource Manager is responsible for appointing new workers and also laying off workers with the delegation from the BOD and supervisory board.

            The evaluations of personnel policies and practices are conducted by the Human resource manager and ensure that the employees are committed towards accomplishing the goals of the company to become one of the leading tech companies in China, Asia, and the world in general. The human resource ensures that the company gains a competitive advantage with other tech giants like Apple and Samsung. The firm’s HRM ensures that its employees are motivated, doing all their can to target employees’ engagement. According to Rebecca (2015), Huawei employees are among the most committed and engageful. Thus, the HRM aims different operational areas as a way of evaluating the commitment and personnel practices and policies in the company. This is important as it brings about a piece of comprehensive and detailed information regarding the areas needed to be changed and also the areas that are working according to the requirement and expectations of the company’s management.


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