Write an essay describing the career of 

one of your favorite comedians. Use the following questions as a guide for your essay. You should 

add to the answers of these questions by describing the highs and lows of the person’s career. Your 

essay, including the answers to the questions about the problems you encounter during joke 

creation, will likely be between 3 and 5 pages. 


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Throughout the last century, psychologists have developed an interest in the study of different types of humor (Martin et al, 2007). Much of the research on the types of humor has been focused on potential benefits of people engaging in honor and having a hearty laugh. The benefits of humor on psychological and physical well-being have also been put into immense research (Lefcourt & Martin, 2001). The sense of humor has a description of a multi-faceted construct best viewed as loosely related traits. Martin et al, 2007 gave concepts of humor with which this research will argue against. The concept includes cognitive ability, attitude and aesthetic response. The null hypothesis (Ho) is that humor has little or no relation at all to the ability to understand, create and remember literature. Also, there exists no relation between humor spoken and perceived by a person and their individual traits and circumstances such as mood, optimism and satisfaction.
A cognitive ability is a concept of humor. It is a definition of the ability to easily understand, create, remember and reproduce creative and incisive jokes that were previously made by other people. It is humorous when people can carbon copy other jokes adding creativity and more wit making it funny and enjoyable to listen to (Crowne, 2007). Martin et al 2007 argue that humor perception is a cognitive ability. Crowne (2007) differs with him as he believes that humor is not easily understood and it is influenced by culture. He therefore claims that humor has little or no relation at all to the ability to understand, create and remember literature.
Anesthetic response is another concept of humor that defines the appreciation of certain or specific humor that would normally stand out among many people. Certain persons would reproduce dull and enjoyable humor to make it fun (Martin, 2007).