Individual Assignment # 3: Practice makes Perfect: Reading Research Articles

PSY3211 – Research Methods and Data Analysis in Psychology


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  • Identify key information: Here are the key pieces of information to look for:
    • What are the main hypotheses?
    • What is/are independent variable(s)? What is/are dependent variable(s)?
    • How did researchers recruit their participants? Identify participants’ demographic information and data collection procedure.
    • What materials did researchers utilize to measure the hypotheses? Identify the apparatus and measurements.
    • What are the key findings/results of the study?
    • Do the findings justify authors’ conclusions?


Question 1

Not yet graded / 0.25 pts
What design did this study use? (Experimental or Correlational)
Your Answer:

The study design is a correlational research design

Question 2

Not yet graded / 0.5 pts
What is/are independent variable(s)? (Specify the levels)
Your Answer:

Wearing a bicycle helmet and wearing a cap are independent variables

Question 3

Not yet graded / 0.5 pts
What is/are dependent variable(s)? (List all dependent variables authors measured)
Your Answer:


Sensation seeking

Question 4

Not yet graded / 0.25 pts
How many participants in the study? What apparatus (e.g., survey, computer, equipment, etc.) did authors utilize to measure variables?
Your Answer:

There was a total of 80 participants. BART, Sensational Seeking Scale Form V, Abus HS-10 peak helmet and Beechfield B15, State-Trait Anxiety Inventory form.

Question 5

Not yet graded / 0.5 pts
What are the findings of the study?
Your Answer:

According to the study, wearing a helmet was associated with high chances of risk-taking than wearing a cap.  The research also found out that wearing a helmet was associated with the more top sensation-seeking score.

Now I want you to convey your understanding of a research article: summary of the article (Question 6) and critique of the article (Question 7). You will need to write one paragraph for each question independently. Here are the requirements for your writing:

a. Write no more than 10 sentences, the max word count is 250.

b. In-text citation and direct quotes are not needed.

c. You cannot directly copy and paste the sentences/phrases (expect professional phrases) from the original article. You must use your own words (so called “paraphrase”) to summarize. Each student’s writing should and must be different even for group members in the same group. Copying and pasting is regarded as plagiarism behavior.

d. Font: Times New Roman; Font size: 12; Spacing: Double

Question 6

Not yet graded / 4 pts
Write one paragraph to summarize and paraphrase a) the design the authors used for their project, b) identify the independent and dependent variables, c) talk about how the authors carried out their study (the methods), and then d) summarize the results. Make sure to follow above-mentioned requirements.