Please pick one of the following integrators to research and report on: FedEx, UPS, DHL, or TNT.

Please number and state each question/statement and give each answer its own separate paragraph(s).



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  1. Introduction
    • Include the name of the integrator, a brief description of the company, specific start date, route structure, high technical solutions, and aircraft.
  2. Strategic Advantages
    • Describe the company’s strategic advantages and market position over the other three.
  3. Disadvantages
    • Describe any disadvantages and/or competitive pressures you observed.
  4. Conclusion

Refer to the Written Assignments page for specific guidelines and requirements for all written assignments.

Written Assignment Guidelines

The standards for the papers are as follows. These standards will apply to all written assignments unless otherwise indicated.

  • Submit an original paper (one written by you that has not been previously submitted to fulfill a requirement for another course).
  • The paper should include a minimum of 500 words, not including references or cover page.
  • Apply current APA style rules; use the current edition of the APA publication manual for guidelines.
  • Observe written assignment formatting requirements.
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    • Times New Roman font
    • 12-pt font size
    • double-spaced text
    • numbered pages
  • The paper must be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors. See the Academic Resources area for helpful writing skills websites.
  • Save your document as one of the following acceptable file types: .doc, .docx, or .rtf.
  • Provide a cover page containing the name of the course, title of the paper, your name, and date.
  • Include a references page, formatted to APA style requirements with a minimum of 3 references.
    • Two references must be scholarly, peer-reviewed, and from reputable sources.