Lesson Plan


Create a second day for your lesson plan in Algebra I. Once you have created your lesson plan, please
answer the following questions regarding the principles of COME IN:
1. How did your lesson connect to the students’ prior knowledge, the real world, to action, and to participants?
2. How did you organize your lesson in terms of content, time, and activities?
3. How did you model your lesson when drawing attention to critical attributes or using appropriate number and
pace of repetitions?
4. How did you include enrichment in your lesson to make sure you were providing rich experiences?
5. How did you encourage your students to interact?

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Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan


The purpose of this assignment is to develop a lesson plan based on the Professional Growth Plan that you developed in Unit 2. Your plan should balance learning activities, instructional materials, and resources to meet the needs of diverse learners. You should include an assessment to measure learning.

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competency and assessment criteria:

  • Competency 1: Evaluate instruction for professional development.
    • Develop a lesson plan that scaffolds through skill levels and meets the needs of all of your learners based on the Danielson rubric of instructional outcomes.
    • Design formative assessments based on the Danielson rubric for using assessments as a tool to evaluate instruction.
    • Develop research based learning activities, instructional materials, and resources as needed to meet the basic or above level of expectations on the Danielson rubric on designing coherent instruction.
  • Competency 12: Demonstrate the dispositions expected of a professional educator and self-directed learner.
    • Identify how technology may or may not enhance learning activities in this lesson.

Assignment Description

Your focus on the development of an effective lesson plan allows you to work on an aspect of your Professional Growth Plan goal. If you have no prior experience with Understanding by Design, consider the backwards design process another opportunity to learn. The lesson plan serves several purposes:

  • It helps you identify the factors you should consider as you plan an engaging lesson.
  • It provides you with an opportunity to incorporate and articulate a wide variety of materials and technology resources into your teaching.
  • It serves as a reference point for reflecting on the lesson after it has been taught.

Submit your lesson plan, following the guidelines in the Professional Growth Plan course project description and as detailed in this summary:

  • Ask yourself after teaching the lesson, “How did what I planned compare to what actually happened?”
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