Life Lesson and Paradigm Shifts

This discussion focuses on your pre-class reading assignment. Please read the directions below very carefully. If you have any questions, email me. You will have the opportunity to make corrections on this initial posting until the end of the module. Make sure the file you submit to the assignment page is in APA format, (no abstract) including a title page and reference page. Upload a file in DOC, DOCX or RTF format, please. By Tuesday, you need to post this essay in the discussion and upload it as a file, so it can be scanned for originality. The assignment dropbox only accepts one file. I will give you feedback and corrections should be made to your initial discussion posting until the end of the module.

Life Lesson and Paradigm Shifts Essay Posting
Life lessons are often accompanied by paradigm shifts (see module lecture and readings which you will cite). Using college-level writing skills, prepare and write a 5-paragraph (minimum) essay posting on the following topic: life lessons and paradigm shifts as demonstrated by your pre-class reading (see the listing on the syllabus). Please create your own original title for your posting. You will share these observations in this module’s discussion. Follow the detailed directions below:

Making direct and specific connections with your reading, write posting about life lessons in your book and the paradigm shifts that occurred. Make sure you address the following:
1. What lesson(s) did you learn from your pre-class reading?
2. What lessons did the author learn?
3. Which of these lessons constitute a paradigm shift?

Remember to write to a general audience who may NOT have read the book you chose to read by providing a brief summary of the book and its themes. Also, avoid using more than 10% direct quotations from the book. Instead, properly paraphrase or summarize the text, making direct connections to your thesis throughout your essay and citing the source when doing so. When you use direct quotations, you must provide the page number and a proper APA in-text citation. (See A Writer’s Resource.)
Write your posting to the discussion using APA citations, there is no need for a title page here and no need to double space; (it causes too much scrolling). However, please use in-text citations and include the references at the bottom of your posting.
To earn full credit, this essay posting and the file are due no later than Tuesday midnight to the Module 3 discussion which is open until Friday. Refer to A Writer’s Resource for editing for clarity, grammar conventions, correctness, and the basic grammar review, if needed. (See the video lecture “Evaluating and Revising Your Draft” in the Virtual Writing Center)
I will be giving you feedback on the writing. By the end of the unit, you should have corrected your posting (using the button).
TIP: If you cite a source cited within a lecture or another text, you need to treat it like a “secondary source.” Please refer to your text for how to handle secondary sources or check out the APAblog (Links to an external site.).