The paper conducts a strategic analysis of Starbucks Corporation to establish the overall performance of their marketing strategy. Starbucks is United States firm that was established in 1971. It is a premier roaster, marketer, and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. It currently operates in over 62 countries. The company is operating in an industry that has experienced significant growth since the 2009 economic crisis that resulted in a change in consumer needs. The industry is now estimated to be experiencing an annual growth of 3.9 %, and the growth is projected to continue for the next five years.

            An analysis of company, customers, collaborators, competitors, and context indicates that the firm remains among the most competitive in the industry due to its unique services and marketing practices. The company has mainly majored on product differentiation and unique customer experience to attract and retain customers. Such practices have enabled the firm to build a strong brand loyalty among its customers. They are provided with high quality beverages and snacks as well as unique customer experience. The clients compensate for the high quality products and services by paying a little extra. The company has also moved to collaborate with its suppliers to ensure they receive the best coffee products for its premises. The firm has thus been able to remain competitive in the industry despite high competition.

            Starbucks Corporation has maintained its competitiveness through segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategy in the market. In terms of segmentation, the company targets consumers that are aged between 25 to 40 years. Its positioning strategy involves the customers buying quality products and services at a higher price than other firms in the industry. The company has personalized its services to ensure that each of their customers has a unique experience while in their stores. The firm’s marketing strategy is a vital ingredient in its success over the years. The company has positioned itself as a premier coffee company that provides personalized experiences to its customers. It has also benefited from marketing practices that have enabled it to collect crucial information related to the industry.