Portfolio Paper

The portfolio paper for this class integrates all of the major concepts from this course as well as the important biblical concepts explored. In this paper, you will select an organization and develop a brief change plan for the organization. You are to identify the organization as well as the potential change that the organization will undergo. This can be any organization with which you are familiar or can obtain enough information to draft a believable change plan. It is recommended that you NOT choose huge corporation that you can only understand on a very superficial level. You may select a department or local unit of the organization, if you wish to. Remember, for this paper, the organization may a subunit of a larger organization. You will write this paper from the third person perspective. In other words, even if you are a member of the organization, treat the paper as if you were a third-party consultant from outside the organization. That will help strengthen your perspective, and help counter any bias that may exist. Contents of the paper should include:


  1. A brief identification of the organization, providing the “setting” for the rest of the paper. This section should be brief but should include enough information about the organization so that the reader has enough context to understand the plan that you
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  1. The organizational diagnosis. In this section you should identify the diagnostic model that you choose to use, including some discussion of how you came to a conclusion about the diagnosis using that model. This section should identify the symptoms of the need to change as well as the underlying cause(s) that you discover using the model.


  1. The change plan that you intend to use to address the causes that you discovered. The change plan should include:
  2. The vision for the change project.
  3. The model that will be used to manage the changes such as Lewin, Kotter, or Appreciative Inquiry.
  4. Steps that will be taken to implement the changes that you propose.
  5. Any resistance that can be expected while implementing the plan and how the plan will deal with that resistance.
  6. The communication plan for the change project.
  7. Steps that embed the changes into the organization and make the changes “stick”.


  1. Integration of biblical foundations section – This section should include a description of how the lessons of the Scriptures that we have studied during this course are incorporated in this change project. In this section you should address how the lessons of the biblical foundations are intentionally incorporated into the diagnosis, change steps, management process and follow-up steps that you propose. To meet this requirement, you must demonstrate intentional application of the biblical ideas, not just stick Bible verses in different sections of the paper.
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