Special Populations

Based on the text, outside sources of information, and personal experience(s), do you feel there is a special population that warrants more attention than others? Why or why not? Explain your response (be sure to provide support as to why you feel this population is more vulnerable and in more need than other “special” populations.

Here are some of the special populations noted in the text. Sports/athletics Women Adolescents College students HIV and AIDS carriers Drug-using subculture of professional actors, actresses, and entertainers who perform in movies Internet users who are seeking and purchasing illicit drugs Support your response. Cite in APA style any references used.


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Remember to comment on at least one peer post. NOTE: All original posts should be a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 500 words. Comments to peer posts should be at a minimum of 100 words and maximum of 500 words. (Comments that include, I agree without support or I like your response will not count towards your word count. Comments should be well-thought out and add value to the conversation