Hospitality Management

Obtain a copy of the menu from three different restaurants (excluding fast food/QSR restaurants, such as McDonalds or Panera), with either the permission from the manager of the restaurant, or via the Internet.

For each restaurant:

– What kind of restaurant is it? e.g. fine dining, family, theme, etc.
– Where is the restaurant located?
– What are the demographics of that area? (you might have to use Claritas, etc. for this information.) Does this restaurant “fit” with the demographics of the area?
– What type of menu is it? e.g. a la carte, etc.
– Do you feel the menu supports the concept of the restaurant?
– Is the menu well planned? Are the menu items visually attractive? e.g. chicken breast vs. chicken livers.
– Is there enough variety offered for guests?
– Is the method of preparation varied enough to avoid overwhelming the kitchen?
– Do you think the prices are too low, just right, or too high for the items offered?