​Legal Audit (of a license/service agreement or other legal document).

or software or content license relating to an information product or service you use or website you frequent. Identify and discuss the legal impact and meaning of various provisions in the agreement, identifying problematic aspects regarding the terms that are present as well as issues raised by absent terms and identify and discuss the purpose of other terms. There is a sample or two “deconstructed” licenses on the course site after which you can model your assessment. The simplest format is one similar to the one posted on the course site, with the license provisions on the left and your assessment/explanation on the right of a two column table. (Using a similar two column approach is likely the easiest for you to produce and easier for the instructor to grade.) Be sure to discuss the law behind the issues that a particular term raises. Other legal documents can work. A good example would be if your current IT employer uses a non-disclosure/non-compete agreement. A web development or consulting contract can work as well.
I would like an audit to be completed about Twitter Terms of Service