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E4: APA Research Paper

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Madison College

English 2

Instructor: John Drake

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Essay 4: Shortened Version of the APA Research Paper

In this essay, you will present the information on the issue you explored in your research for the annotated bibliography. You need to use 20 sources in this essay (they all need to be used in the text and have a parenthetical citation showing this). This document functions in two ways: 1) it is the prompt for the assignment that tells you what to do, and 2) functions as an annotated (in the marginal Word notes) template that you can use to format your work. Please note that given the fact that this is the prompt for the assignment, it is likely going to be longer than your introduction.

Hopefully, you will be able to use the 20 sources you found for your annotated bibliography as you put this together. However, you may need to find additional sources for this research paper as you work to fully flesh-out the different contextual aspects of your discussion. Here is what I want you to do:

Present the story of your “issue.”

This will obviously include a contextual reason for telling your reader what you do in your essay ( can include things such as: the history of the issue, the approaches to the issue, the current state of your issue, controversies regarding the issue, the potential future for the issue…. This is where you need to make your own decisions about how you want to organize the material you are presenting to your reader.

Remember that organization is key. It is a fundamental aspect of APA writing. In a formal APA literature review, you would include a much more developed number of sections than I am asking you to do here. The point, as I have stated many times this semester, is to learn the form. This is a link to material on the web that provides much more information on the formal APA style and structure.