1. Find 10 peer-reviewed journal articles published between 2006 and 2016 . The topic must

1. Find 10 peer-reviewed journal articles published between
2006 and 2016 . The topic must cover evaluations of hotspot policing,
which means the articles empirically (using real data and statistical analysis)
evaluate the impact of hotspot policing on crime or other measures (hint in
your search you could use subtypes of crime i.e. larceny, robbery etc).

Read the abstracts before deciding on whether to
include the article or not, as not all articles provide an empirical analysis,
but rather are conceptual/theoretical papers and those are not what I am after.
(25% of grade)


2. Create an APA style list of references from these
articles and pay CLOSE attention to formatting! Doi’s are not needed, unless
article is not yet formally published (not assigned volume and page numbers).
Use formatting guidelines below: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/reference_list_articles_in_periodicals.html

NOTE: Formatting mistakes will lead to some point
deductions! (25% of grade)

Also NOTE: Do not use automatic formatters or copy and
paste, this will create formatting problems!


3.  Pick one
article and read it. Properly summarize this article between 350 and 500
words (about 1-1.5 double spaced pages); this means, figure out what the
author(s) studied and what kind of results they found based on their analysis (tip:
do not discuss literature review sections that summarize prior research). (50%
of grade). Focus on: (1) research question/hypothesis
(2) data collection and variables included; (3) type of analysis– just name it,
you don’t have to explain this part (4) key research findings (5) limitations
of the current study as discussed by authors (they always address what elements
may lead us to question results of study).  Include the number of words at bottom of
summary (in MSword, select text of summary, go to menu review and click on word

NOTE: Excessive brevity or length will lead to point
reductions (if you do it right you will have to use language efficiently, which
is part of the exercise), failure to information on any of the five elements listed
above will lead to point reduction.