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Week 5 Discussion

Describe some of the specific challenges (for example, risks of employees going to various websites, viruses, and legal implications) associated with BYOD policies.

Some challenges organizations might face with their bring your device policies are a lack of control of the personal device if it is lost or stolen. Not having administrative rights and what the employee does personally on their device might be against company policy on corporate-owned devices.

Recommend methods organizations can use to address the challenges associated with BYOD policies.

Organizations should have a long-term plan to maintain their security objectives, with the proper controls to meet those objectives. Wireless devices should be one of the areas covered in the policy along with BYOD. The policy must address encryption, firewalls, network security, and termination of access for these devices. The plan should clearly outline the rules and practices associated with their BYOD policy. Organizations can provide training to any colleague who has signed up for BYOD and have them attest that they understand the policy. The content of the policy should contain an overview of the policy, the purpose of the policy, what is in scope, and who the targeted audience should be.


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