1 I, Bibi Aleidan, wish to apply for this great opportunity mentioned


I, Bibi Aleidan, wish to apply for this great opportunity mentioned above. I am from Kuwait, completed high school, and currently an undergraduate international student. I study at Towson University Business Administration in leadership management. I believe if I undertake the work, it will help me achieve my goals. It will give me a chance to make connections and attain valuable applied experience in my professional field. The employer will have a chance to evaluate and guide talent. I will integrate theory and knowledge acquired in the class with skills development and practical application in my career field.

I can work without supervision, efficiently complete tasks, and communicate efficiently in both written and verbal communication. I am a team player and, similarly, manage and delegate to other people and take on responsibility. I am organized can take an analytical and logical approach to resolve issues and solving problems whenever they occur. I am a quick learner, can work under pressure, and also computer literate. I have the motivation and perseverance to work in a challenging environment.

I have a complete understanding of what this course requires to achieve its objectives and fully prepared for it. I have the right competencies, abilities, knowledge, and skills needed for this course. I believe that I am fully prepared for the course and acquire more knowledge if offered an opportunity. The experience I have had in life can help me complete the course successfully. I am eagerly waiting for your positive response. If granted a chance, I will be a diligent and responsible student. Attached is my resume. Many thanks for considering my request.


Personal Information

Bibi Aleidan

LinkedIn: BibiAleidan


Career Objective

Seeking to explore my educational and leadership skills in management in imparting efficiency in the organization to help achieve it mission and goals.


Excellent management skills

Advanced negotiation skills

Microsoft Excel

Good interpersonal skills

Excellent computer skills



(Fall 2017): Towson University

Business Administration in Leadership & Management

(2011 – 2014): THS High School in Kuwait