1 Research Brief- paper assignment guidelines A brief is a summary, guide,


Research Brief- paper assignment guidelines

A brief is a summary, guide, or argument that someone uses to present key points to their readers. In our case we will be using research to make our idea/point come to life

Your brief needs to have the following points/areas in it:

Title- think of something that catches the eye and makes the reader want to read it.

Summary- Give the main points you found in the research on your topic area.

Background- Describe the present state of the research knowledge on your topic

Answer/explore why is this topic is important-Explain why you chose this topic

Anything New-Give details of any new information that came from your analysis of the research that you did

Is a change required?- Why should the current state of affairs change-present an argument for why and what should change if anything

Conclusion- clearly state why the change or topic is relevant to the modern world and how it might change things now and if change is needed how could we start to do this if we wanted too.


You must have a reference page (this is not included in the two page limit). Use APA 7th edition to do your reference page. Articles you sight must be from the last 5 years, there is no limit in how many you can have but should be ~5-10 articles used as this indicates a well thought out brief.

Your brief will only be two pages single spaced (~1000 words no less than 950 words).

In the body of your work use only one reference or two maximum for any points you reference.

If there is more than one author, for your referenced work used, in the brackets you will only use the first authors last name followed by et al., and the date it was published. (e.g., Freeman et al., 2017). For your reference page you will use the complete and proper APA 7th edition formatting for all of the referenced work you used.

Due Date

Marking Rubric