Week 1 Worst Company

Jennifer R. Gately

American Public University


Dr. Gerald

October 9, 2022

Week 1 Worst Company – Citigroup

Citigroup is a holding company that provides financial products and services. It is headquartered in New York was founded in 1812 and has since then expanded not only throughout the US but to Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. (Forbes Magazine, n.d.) Citigroup’s mission is “Citi’s Value Proposition: A Mission of Enabling Growth and Economic Progress.” Despite it’s obvious success, Citigroup has ended up on both the Bottom of the Barrel list for the worlds bottom 10% of companies (McGrath, 2018), and the top 10 list for the least admired companies. (Cable News Network, 2010)

Why Citigroup is the worst.

Citigroup operates through three segments: The Global Consumer Banking segment, The institutional Client’s segment, and the Corporate and Other segment. The company has been having a steady decline in share price, an unattractive Q-factor score and has found its way to be number five on the least admired company list on Forbes.(Forbes Magazine, n.d.) In 5 of the 9 key attributes of reputation Citigroup is #6 for being the least admired for people management, #3 for use of corporate assets, #7 for financial soundness, #5 for long term investment, and #1 for management quality. Citigroup’s overall score is a 3.41 out of ten, making it an obvious choice for being a “worst” company. (Cable News Network, n.d.)

Citigroup and the Six key Business Environments.

Citigroup is a domestic company that was founded in New York and serves over 72 million Americans. Globally the company has expanded to five other regions and has become #3 in Asian for wealth management. Its economic impact stems as far back as the War of 1812 where they helped fund the war against the British. (Citi timeline, n.d.) They even provide annual reports on their environmental, social, and governance in an attempt to be transparent with their racial equality, diversity, and sustainability.

Conclusion – Level 1 Header

Citigroup has grown into an internationally known corporate company, but they still fall on the lowest tier for their industry. Given their poor rankings in management quality, it is no surprise they have been categorized in the “worst” company category. Success starts from the top, and trickles down, maybe if they made some improvements with their management, they could climb their way up to higher tiers in the financial data services industry.

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