1 Week 4 Discussion Selling via Amazon comes with many benefits, the


Week 4 Discussion

Selling via Amazon comes with many benefits, the main one being the low marketing costs. Amazon already has an established consumer base who are attracted to its website every day, hence selling toasters via the website would give me access to all these customers and enable me to start selling from the go without any marketing efforts. However, a major disadvantage of using Amazon is the high and fierce competition since there are already other merchants selling the same toasters on the same platform; lowering the chances of success.

As someone in the US labor force, working at Amazon has the benefit of great pay, as warehouse employees earn at least $15 an hour, which is above the federal minimum wage. This good pay also comes with benefits like dental/medical insurance, paid vacations or time off, and 401 (k) savings plan. On the downside, Amazon warehouse employees are subjected to exploitation in the form of strict monitoring that mechanizes workers with no breaks, unrealistic rates, and loss of benefits or one’s job in case failure to meet standards or rates.

When it comes to shopping with Amazon, a typical consumer experiences the benefit of buying products directly from the source without any third-party sellers, hence little chance of buying counterfeit products or getting scammed. However, a major con is that a consumer cannot physically see or touch the products before purchasing them, hence a high risk of purchasing a damaged product or one that doesn’t resemble the advertised product, which are very difficult to return or get one’s money back.

From these pros and cons, I believe that Amazon is an effective platform for selling and shopping, with most of the disadvantages associated with these activities easily avoidable. However, working at Amazon come with major disadvantages, especially related to how the company treats its warehouse employees, that need to be addressed if the company is to maintain its top position and major influence it has over consumers and the supply chain now and in the future.