1.Work as a team to: i) select a research topic based on

1.Work as a team to: i) select a research topic based on group discussion; ii) provide

leadership, create a collaborative and inclusive environment; iii) establish a plan with goals/

tasks/schedule clearly identified; and iv) conduct specific tasks associated with the successful

completion of the project−ABET Student Outcomes (SO) 5

2. Develop an ability to acquire and apply new knowledge as needed, using appropriate learning

strategies to identify the issues related to the selected topic−ABET SO 7

3. Develop an understanding of the entire project life-cycle with an emphasis on: i) systematic

thinking for solving open-ended problems; ii) assessment of project impacts with

consideration of public health, safety, and welfare as well as global, cultural, social,

environmental, and economic factors; iii) recognition of ethical and professional

responsibilities in engineering situations/decisions; and iv) making informed judgments by

considering the impact of engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental, and

societal contexts−ABET SOs 2 & 4

4. Present findings and recommendations by writing an abstract and giving an oral presentation

and understand how to communicate effectively with a range of audiences− ABET SO 3

The topic is 13. Urban mining, its past, present and future

-My part is Urban mining in the future. Should be related to environmental engineering.

-One and half page

– Presentation script for 4 min.