1500 WORDS QS 6 Literature Review A comprehensive review of the literature

1500 WORDS

QS 6 Literature Review

A comprehensive review of the literature related to your project area which places your work in the broader body of knowledge (the more detail the better)


you have enough authors which is around 5 authors per theme and 5 themes equalling 25 authors in total. ( you could develop 4 or 7 themes depending on the subject ) ( also you may use the same authors or papers for different themes, as they are usually interrelated but you MUST ensure you have a good cross section of papers and literature.

Ensure you use peer related journals as much as possible so in order of preference

1.The best references are peer reviewed ariticles books and Government Publications. 2.After that comes trade journals and newspaper articles.

3. Try and avoid opinion bloggers and random websites since these almost have no credibility so will not aid your literature review

Ensure you do not reference aggregators like Statista, you need to reference the original source in the bibliography and in the report,

What databases to use? Peer related Journals on Ebsco , Google Scholar ,Z library , Base Bielfield Core etc , Theses Repositories available through the library

look to the common turn it in errors discussed in class and don’t replicate them, Use Harvard referencing, don’t use too much text in a quote , 10 – 20 word quote max and pages numbers given. In general paraphrase where you can and provide short quotes to add weight to the literature review.

Ensure to include a comprehensive bibliography at the end of the Literature review. This is essential and should comprise the authors discussed in the Literature Review.

QS 7a What are the main issues/themes arising from your search of the literature as it relates to the key areas of interest posed by the research question/aims/objectives

This is a deliberate explanation or critical analysis as to what the literature review has meant for your project. This forces you into thinking about what the literature review means for your project , how it drives the project . You can analyse it under each separate theme

This should be in your literature review already and if so replicate here

QS 7 b What have you learned from the search of the literature that is relevant to your research question? These findings lead to the questions or interview schedule.

This is an extension of the last point . The aim here is to identify questions that maybe used in the research instrument.

Tease out maybe 2 to 3 qs under each theme that you will ask your primary sample(s).

You do not need a full example of a research instrument as in you do not have to fully complete a questionnaire or an interview schedule, just to state what questions would you ask in your primary research to your various samples ( eg. Employees, managers etc)

QS 8 Your Methodology

Explain the research methodology best fits your research and which methods you will use

Whether mixed or quant or qual and what philosophy etc used ( see the research onion here to clarify) Explain which one you are using Here explain why you are using one and not the other and defend it

QS 9 What are the key tasks in completing your dissertation? Comment on any problems or issues which affected your progress and the strategies identified to overcome them.

What potential challenges and risks do you foresee? As in state the aspects beyond your control and what plans you have to overcome . ( how do you know your sample will respond to you? Have you got a scheduled time when you will work on your project? is that 2- 4hrs a week ? and are you going to stick to the gannt chart. On reflection what will be the hardest part for you? Do you have a contingency plan for the risks?

Qs 10. Complete and Upload Ethical Form A on moodle submission at the same time th may 2022

Question 11 Assignment 2 . Fill out this template as fully as possible

Research Question Topic

This is the overall research question which you wish to answer in the overall report


Sub Research Questions

Based on themes 2/3 per theme

These are the questions that you may ask in your research instrument ( obviously they will be further developed and structured for either the survey or interview schedule)

Quantitative or Qualitative or

Mixed Methods

Who Am I talking to


Case. What company or industry or phenomenon am I considering

Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3

Theme 4

Theme 5