1st response for key assignment summary

Profile of Defendant
Mr. John Orchids is a 16 year old male who is currently a Senior in high school. Mr. Orchids has been in trouble before at the age of 12 he received his first
misdemeanor for public nuisance then he received his second misdemeanor at the same age for truancy. His juvenile records are protected by the court so detailed
information is not available. Mr. Orchids has no gang affiliations but he was counseled once for carrying a concealed weapon. Mr. Orchids has no visible tattoos or
scars. Mr. Orchids comes from a loving family. He is healthy and has no physical defects. Mr. Orchids attends church regularly and has participated in
church programs to help improve the community. He has participated in Reserved Officer Training Corp. He plans on going to college. Currently he is unemployed.
Recently Mr. Orchids was detained for loitering and he was searched and the officer found 1/6 of 1 ounce of marijuana on him. There are no known
victims or property loss. He was released to his parents with an enforced curfew.
B. Proposal by Council
Mr. Orchids’ council is proposing a presentence intervention program (PSIP)) which the arraignment and hearing be transferred to drug court.
C. Description of Probation Plan
Mr. Orchids qualifies to participate in a program known as S.C.A.N. this stands for Serving Children and Adolescents in Need. This program is used to find other
ways to stay drug free while building a trusting relationship with family members and the community. The following services are offered:
An individual comprehensive assessment of the individual
Ten sessions with an experienced counselor
Two sessions with the counselor and his parents
Random drug testing throughout the program
Parent- education classes
Measuring Recidivism
This program follows the participants for five years and see how their progress is going and sees if the defendant returns to the same behavior or how soon the
defendant returns to jail. If the defendant stays on the correct path then it means that the public is safe from criminal activity because the defendant did not return
into the criminal justice system.
If Mr. Orchids completes the program successfully all his charges will be dismissed. I recommend that Mr. Orchids does community service upon completion of
the program. He is responsible for all court costs and fees from the program. If he does not complete the program I suggest that all charges be reinstated and
he goes to court and be sentenced to a month in jail and a year of probation.
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