2 1 Unit 5: Community Partner and Resources Introduction With increased challenges



Unit 5: Community Partner and Resources


With increased challenges of life along with other disease predisposing factors, it has been identified that individual within assisted living community is more likely to acquire diseases and develop complications associated with health conditions when compared to a healthy middle-aged adult. Based on these facts, it, therefore, is the duty and responsibility of the government in collaboration with the community to work towards providing necessary resources and care for such residents (Myung & Lee, 2017). There are many alternatives in terms of resources and support programs that could be employed to help older adults in the community achieve optimum wellness and perhaps reduce the stress associated with old age. Given that senior people in the community are more vulnerable to a wide range of health conditions, the government and the community at large must provide services that will cater for older adults’ diet, clothing, physical activities and ensure that their wellbeing is prioritized with respect to promoting good health among the old population. Older adults are vulnerable to infectious diseases because of their age, reduced immunity, poor nutrition, lack of resources, poor housing, poor living standards, lack of protection and living in crowded areas.

Community Partners and Community Resources

With respect to the question and the project under consideration, it has been established that lack of adequate support from the government has been regarded as the primary reason why the elderly population’s health condition worsens every day. The selected region to undertake this project is California-based nursing homes (Giang & Devasahayam, 2018). Some of the health challenges that ought t be addressed by this project with respect to health promotion and support of older people living in California – based nursing care how include conditions such as diarrhoea, colds, skin illnesses as well as pneumonia. In order to identify major challenges elderly people, face with reference to the above mention’s conditions, it will require collaborative efforts of the community and the government, and through active participation of people from local pharmacies, local government units and non-governmental organizations, it will be easy to formulate better approaches that could be used to help older people in the society achieve their well0being despite health challenges they are facing.

Roles in The Project

Among the key groups and recourses that must be involved in this project will be; the department of social workers, local government, meal on the wheels and local pharmacies. In this regard, the role of the local pharmacies will be to procure and avail medications and other resources that will be used in treating various conditions. They will also educate the essence of cleanliness and hygiene among elderly people. The meals on the wheel will be bestowed with the responsibility of ensuring that the older people have their meals on time, as required and with the right nutrient content. As for the local government u it, it is good to note that this entity will provide support in terms of resources, programs and funds that could be used to facilitate elderly nursing programs and education about various health conditions that may influence their wee0ebing (Giang & Devasahayam, 2018). Lastly, local government social workers will also get active involvement in this project since social workers will serve as the primary instruments that could provide vital services for elderly people, especially the aged ones, to help raise and address major concerns that affect the elderly population our communities.


Healthcare needs for our community are vital; the children and the elderly are the most vulnerable people in society. They need to be supported throughout to ensure their well being is prioritized and guaranteed. Local government, groups such as social workers, pharmacists and meal on wheal will provide essential services to the older adults.


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