2 Articles and a discussion!

Does white collar crime cause more damage than street (blue collar) crime?
Reading for Week 3 Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 of Big Dirty money. Read two of either the two articles below (Robb or Croall pdf files) or Chapter 4 of the Handbook of White Collar Crime (pages 47-63).
Damage caused by white collar crime
DUE Week 3
2 Article reviews (for a how to and an example see the syllabus and https://www.uis.edu/learning-hub/writing-resources/handouts/learning-hub/how-to-review-a-journal-article). DUE 6/18 at 11:59 pm EST
Disscustion 3
According to the information you have read in the assigned reading and in the articles you chose to review, provide your understanding of the harm caused by and/or the victims of white collar crime. Based on this information, make an argument for or against white collar crime being more harmful than street crime.