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Think of a psychological question you might want to study. From the many different psychological perspectives, how might you phrase your question differently if you were approaching it from 2 different perspectives. Name your perspectives and question.

The psychological question that I would wish to study is the manner in which mental health affects the productivity of an individual. I would phrase this question in a manner that identifies both the problem and how it can be manner in which the problem affects the daily operations of human beings. For instance, I would frame it as; How mental health has affected the productivity of human beings. The perspectives in which I would use in answering this question is that of establishing the background to which this problem lies and eventually making the requisite proposals to the problem.

Either use your question from #1 or think of another question to study. Tell us your hypothesis and identify your DV(s) and IV(s). Make sure you operationalize both your DV(s) and IV(s). Design a study to answer the question. What would the results look like if they supported (not prove!) your original hypothesis?

My hypothesis to the research problem can be categorized as; employers have failed to assist their workers in dealing with mental health problems. The second hypothesis would be that mental health has greatly affected the productivity of human beings at the work place (Rouhanizadeh and Kermanshachi 2021). My last hypothesis would be that mental awareness needs to be enhanced to protect human beings from the effects of stress and depression. One of the results that would be realized if my original hypothesis is supported is that mental awareness programs would be incorporated in organizations hence making the workers more productive.

Tell us one thing you learned or were confused about in this week’s readings/DB post that you found interesting. Is there something that surprised you? Something that challenged your previous beliefs? Is there something that still confuses you?

One of the things that I learned in the past week’s readings is that mental health plays a critical role in the enhancement of productivity on individuals. The rationale behind this is that when mental health is properly managed, then individuals would be more productive than when it is poorly managed. The rationale behind this is that their brain would be more relaxed whenever they are performing their tasks hence enhancing their productivity. It is important to note that the concept of mental health has been categorized as one of the most important factors in determining whether an individual would be productive in his works. The concept that has challenged my previous beliefs is that which stipulates that for productivity to be enhanced, individuals need to promote the concept of mental health awareness. One thing that still confuses me is the fact that proper mental awareness needs the intervention of the organizations themselves and this still remains a mirage.


Rouhanizadeh, B., & Kermanshachi, S. (2021). Causes of the Mental Health Challenges in Construction Workers and Their Impact on Labor Productivity. In Tran-SET 2021 (pp. 16-26). Reston, VA: American Society of Civil Engineers.