2 Research Proposal Daniel Flores APUS HIS102 Wendi Bryant 31 JUL 2022


Research Proposal

Daniel Flores



Wendi Bryant

31 JUL 2022

Research Proposal

Name: Daniel Flores

Topic: The Gilded Age

Research Questions: 

1. What were the significant factors that led to the Gilded Age?

2. What were the leading sectors and industries of growth during the Gilded Age, and what were the underlying dynamics of development?

3. How did the Gilded Age impact immigration in the United States?

Thesis Statement: Due to technical advances, rapid industrialization, and developments in transportation, America underwent the Gilded Age, a period of rapid economic progress during which factory systems, mining, and finance led to an incredible increase in wages and immigration.


Hirschman, C., & Mogford, E. (2009). Immigration and the American Industrial Revolution from 1880 to 1920. Social science research, 38(4), 897-920. 

The source discusses the contribution of immigrants to the American Industrial revolution. Specifically, the author attempts to measure how immigrants influenced the growth of the workforce and industrial transformation between 1880 and 1920, when America was experiencing the Gilded Age. At the time, a large influx of immigrants arrived in the United States, mainly drawn by high wages and better working conditions. Although this source does not give an in-depth discussion regarding the full contribution of immigrants, it gives a snapshot of statistics and sectors where immigrants influenced.

Williams, J. C. (2008). The American industrial revolution. A companion to American technology, 31-51.

This source highlights the events, activities, and underlying developments that paved the way for the Gilded Age. for instance, it explores the role of railroads in revitalizing the transport of people and materials across destinations in America. The source provides reasonable arguments linking the Gilded Age to the American Industrial revolution. Nevertheless, it does not cover all themes of the Gilded Age as required by the research questions.

Mokyr, J., & Strotz, R. H. (1998). The second industrial revolution, 1870-1914. Storia dell’economia Mondiale, 21945(1).

This source documents the significant events and activities that defined the American industrial revolution during the Gilded. Some of the major events documented are the production of steel and chemicals and the development of technologies, transportation, and electricity. It also examines other themes such as production engineering, food processing, and manufacturing. This source provides a good glimpse of what aspects led to the Gilded Age. However, it does not offer great depth.