Verizon Communication Inc.

 I choose Verizon communication because of its significance in the contemporary spectrum and its clearly articulated revenue collection framework. The Verizon company stands the test of time as a leading producer of voice, data, and video services in diverse domains. The profit organization depends solely on revenue obtained from the provision of wireless data services to the world. Nonetheless, Verizon owns some revenue from selling wireless devices and accessories from leading notable brands such as Apple, HTC, and blackberry. The revenue stream of Verizon company is sustainable as it rates highly in the stock exchange market and manifests as a significant competitor in the wireless provision sector. My contact person at Verizon communication is Clarence Otis junior, a company director. The role of Clarence Otis is purely administrative and provides the necessary advice to the board of directors. Further, Clarence Otis provides the necessary decision-making assistance credits to his vast experience in the fiscal policy spectrum.

I settled on director Clarence Otis as a contact person, credit to his prominence in the leadership spectrum. Otis has worked with many successful companies, thus justifying his significance to the appropriate management of organizations. Nonetheless, I have always held Clarence Otis in high esteem because of his morals and success in handling various leadership roles bestowed on him. As such, the director will enable me to contend with the modalities of Verizon company and provide the necessary advice to enable me to thrive efficiently while attached to Verizon Communications. Equally significant, Clarence Otis influences the high rating of Verizon Communications at the New York stock exchange because of his vast experience in managing large institutions and the financial management dexterity and acumen he possesses. The goal I wish to accomplish with Verizon Communication inc. is to provide state-of-the-art wireless services that conform to the contemporary maxims of 5G network coverage and ensure the company’s reliability stands uncontested. Further, working with Verizon company will provide an adroit template for enhancing my skills in wireless service provision and mastering the insights into the effective management of wireless devices and services. Therefore, I choose Verizon because of its prominence in the modern world in providing exceptional wireless services.


Letter Requesting Assignment Completion

 I hereby tender my humble request for a chance to get attached to your reputable organization to accomplish an assignment based on an analysis of the sustainability of a significant organization in the USA. I settled on Verizon’s glory for its vital role in dispensing various criteria of services to the less unfortunate in the society. Nonetheless, the company’s global goal of providing wireless data services underpins the core rationale for tendering this request. If granted the chance, I will instigate strategies to amass the synergy of different partakers of the organization to help formulate frameworks vital in dispensing more care and services to the unfortunate globally. I am a student who depends on the assignment for vital grading as it will influence my overall performance after the end of the course. Please consider my request and do not hesitate to contact me with the under-listed contacts if the request is guaranteed.

Permission Statement

I request authorization to use the details of Verizon company as a supplement for completing an assignment vital for my class in information processing systems during the semester. A copy of the necessary information from the company that may get used in the assignment is herein attached to the letter.