2 Week 4 discussion Padgett-Beale’s Guest Privacy Policy Recommendations There are various


Week 4 discussion

Padgett-Beale’s Guest Privacy Policy Recommendations

There are various appropriate and relevant updates that should be incorporated in the guest-relations staff training program. They include; employees should be advised on deleting client’s personal information when it is no longer needed. Alternatively, employees should take steps to anonymize the information of the client upon the expiration of the storage term so that they can no longer be identified. Moreover, employees should be taught the need for deleting such personal decisions or anonymizing them.

Secondly, employees should stick to using the customer’s information with the reasons identified in the policies without deviating. For instance, employees should ensure that the clients’ personal information is used to provide customer service to them, assist clients in making their reservation and providing services at the clients’ requests, process transactions through the hotel’s website for billing purposes, and confirm previous transactions or invoices (Fefer, 2019). This will enable the customers to be confident that their personal information will not be misused.

Lastly, employees should be trained on the technical, physical, and administrative technologies and security measures that should be put in place to preserve the integrity and security of the clients’ personal information. Employees should always protect the privacy of the personal information of clients that are held in the hotel’s records. Additionally, employees should be trained on advising clients to always close their browsers after using a reservation site. The browsers should be closed immediately upon completion of the process, especially when using a public computer to protect their personal information.


Fefer, R. F. (2019). Data flows, online privacy, and trade policy. Congressional Research Service.

Critique’s from other Students that I need to reply to:


Sarah Lowe

Sun at 10:47 PM


I really like the suggestions as they were not only relevant but also well explained. One suggestion I might add would be to also use privacy shields on all computers to further help secure guests privacy. Great work!


YoungJoo Marlowe

yesterday at 12:10 AM

Hello Allen,

I also agree with your recommendations. If you do not mind, I would like to add one more thing to your first recommendation. A privacy policy is an internal matter that concerns employee conduct with sensitive information, but it also has significant impact for company’s outside stakeholders including third-party business partners, or customers. Therefore, I think the access must be specific and limited for data on customers’ private information.

Great paper. I enjoyed reading your paper.