2022su public speaking

COM 231 Introductory Speech AssignmentPrompt:
Find an object that represents you in some way and deliver a speech explaining how
this is a representation of some aspect of you, your life, your character, etc.
Your speech should be 2-4 minutes in length. Make sure to rehearse your speech and timeit.• For this speech, you may deliver your speech from a manuscript, which is a documentthat contains the written text.Required Documents:• You must turn in your manuscript by the date specified on Blackboard.What Should My Speech Include?• Introduction: your introduction should have an attention getter and a preview of yourspeech (example: “Because I’m both nurturing and sturdy, I am a lot like a blanket”—“Nurturing” and “Sturdy” are the two main ideas you are going to discuss in the body ofyour speech)• Body: You should have 2-3 main ideas (in this case, comparisons to the object) that areclear and distinct.• Conclusion: Remind us of the main ideas of your speech (much like the preview) andend with a memorable or lasting thought.


Jun 15th, 2022