– 2ºBach A Being healthy is one of the most important things

– 2ºBach A

Being healthy is one of the most important things in someone’s life but not all people have enough motivation to be healthy. There are a not very large number of steps we would need to follow in order to be healthy but each person has his own ways. The following advice may sound like the typical ones but all in all they are the best ones.

Firstly I would like to recommend to control the diet. Eating fruit after each meal rather than any garbage food. The positive thing is that there are plenty of different fruits and vegetables so it doesn’t get repetitive. Also eating a good amount of food, not too many but enough.

The second advice is to do daily exercise in either sport and you will also have fun. As for fruits, there is also a quite good amount of different sports. For the ones whose excuse is that they don’t have enough time, it is suggested to do exercise just little by little and make a few changes like walking instead of driving or simply having some movement in their everyday life.

Having your friends around can actually motivate you to do more exercise as, for example, if all of you are on the same sports team, it will become a place where you socialize with them and you will force each other to exercise because if there is one left, all the group is being let down.

To sum up, doing exercise is easy and beneficial. It is for everyone, the ones who have time and the ones who don’t, the ones who are older and the younger ones. There is no excuse!