3 Discussion 1: Technology and Young Children Today: Multiple Perspectives Many children


Discussion 1: Technology and Young Children Today: Multiple Perspectives

Many children interact with technology daily in various ways. If you looked into homes across the world, you might see young children using tablets, smartphones, and watching television. There are television shows and apps geared toward all ages that advertise activities that promote developmentally appropriate learning. As an early childhood professional, committed to fostering positive outcomes for young children, it can be difficult to determine as a guardian or caregiver which digital media is appropriate for each child. As opportunities to interact with technology continue to permeate so many aspects of children’s lives, it is a concern whether the amount of screen time children are exposed to should steadily increase. It is not only the time children spend in front of screens that is of concern to educators, families, and even the medical community; it is also what children are “giving up.” Interactions with books, playing outside, and participating in face-to-face conversations are a few examples of activities that may not be as prominent in children’s lives. What are children gaining and what are they giving up?

For this Discussion, you further explore the use of technology with young children and what the appropriate amount of screen time may be.

To Prepare:

Read “Facing the Screen Dilemma: Young Children, Technology and Early Education” (Linn, Almon, & Levin) with an open mind. Choose a point from the article that resonates with you. It can be a perspective with which you agree or disagree.

By Day 3 of Week 7

Post the following:

A detailed summary of the point you chose from the article

Whether you agree with this point and why

A citation for a peer-reviewed article or a textbook that validates your thinking and an explanation of how this resource supports your view