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S. economy. How do each of these institutions intersect with the various types of markets, i.e., capital, money, spot (cash), derivatives, Forex and Interbank, primary, and secondary (inclusive of OTC)?
1 reference, APA
Part 2
Hume DiscussionMake sure to use simple and clear language, Avoid plagiarism, Follow all the requirements and use the source that I will attach bellowThe sources of the book: Marino, G. (Ed.). (2010). Ethics: The essential writings. New York: Modern Library.What is David Hume’s main argument in this week’s reading? Make sure you quote from the text! Further, what do you think? Do you make your ethical decisions/choices based on your emotions or your thoughts? Give an example of any significant news story that has taken place in the last week, that either proves or disproves David Hume’s position. Make sure you cite your sources.
Part 3
Multiple choice grammar on TENSE!
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