3 seed ideas for a short 5-7 minute film

I need three seed ideas for a short film that is meant to be 5-7 minutes long so these ideas should fit that length please be creative with these 3 seed ideas. I actually already have one in mind my first seed idea that i would like you to write in a descriptive paragraph is that this would be shot all inside a house where a person keeps coming back from work and every night when they go to sleep they feel as if someone is in their house basically getting paranoid and we see the character always going to sleep at night in the sort of same take for 3 days and then the fourth day when they go to sleep they wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and maybe the last 30 seconds of the film you can add a creepy song used in horror movies before but once the character enters the bathroom there is blood everywhere and on the mirror it says “do you still not see me?” and the ligths flicker and the scene is cut to black? also each day they come back from work they notice small subtle things have been moved or changed at their house. the other 2 seed ideas i will need you to come up with! thanks! Please read the top of the file i attached where it talks about a narrative story or a documentary where the idea of this hsort film is experimental so when u write the see idea i gave you pls write it as a short horror story in a paragraph where it is well described creatively and explained! so that the idea is clear and also make sure u do that for whatever 2 other seed ideas u write thanks!