300 words week 2 assigment to be done

Week 2 Journal Assignment: Personal Conflict Styles

There are several ways of dealing with conflict. The styles that we may use to deal with conflict depend upon the type of conflict, the relationship and our own personal conflict styles.
Identify and discuss the personal conflict styles including the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Research this topic in at least three additional sources.
Write a scholarly article in APA format containing 300 to 400 words.
AssignmentPoint ValueTotalThoroughly identify100 points each100 pointsFailure to provide scholarly research-20 points-20 pointsErrors in Spelling/Grammar-10 points -10 pointsLate assignment -5 points per day-10 points per dayFailure to post word count-10 points-10 pointsFailure to write a minimum of 300 words-10 points-10 points