300cubits: A Blockchain Innovation for the Shipping Industry (Group Case)

MBADM 830 SP20



  1. The case should be discussed by the group using the questions provided below.
  2. The group discussion (in the group space) should be based around pertinent issues and frameworks related to the case.
  3. Do NOT respond to the case in question and answer format.
  4. As a group, you will submit ONE report through this assignment area (your group should appoint a leader to submit the paper).
  5. The report should be approximately 7 – 8 pages (single space, standard margins).  Supportive information such as charts and graphs should NOT be included in the total page count. 
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  1. Considering the key characteristics of blockchain and the challenges of implementing blockchain application, do you think blockchain will eventually gain popularity in the shipping industry?
  2. Why is Ethereum, instead of Bitcoin, often used for ICO? Is ICO an appropriate way to fund the business? What are the advantages and disadvantages of ICOs as a financing method compared to traditional financing solutions?
  3. How would you assess 300cubit’s strategy?
  4. How would you promote the 300cubits ICO? Would you address the audience in the shipping industry or the crypto world?
  5. What is your recommendation for 300cubits after the ICO? What financing strategy(ies) would you suggest?
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