8.1 1st Post During the critique of last week’s photos, Cara pointed


1st Post

During the critique of last week’s photos, Cara pointed out to me that even though she was able to understand the message within my photos and that the photos made the message clear, there were still some distractions within the images that distracted the viewer from the message within. The best way to solve this problem would be to retake the photos altogether, but that would defeat the purpose of the technical aspects of this week’s assignments, so, I decided to put two of the photos back into lightroom and make some more adjustments. I chose the two photos that were specifically pointed out in her critique: namely, the one that’s black and white with the green enhanced and the one with the full birdfeeder and the distracting in the background.

The black and white image with the highlighted green was a little too distracting. The green areas were distracting the viewer from the message of the photo which is mainly centered around the bird feeder. To be honest, I was really just trying out an effect and, in a photo, taken in a neighborhood where I was surrounded by so many manmade objects and buildings, I was trying to fade those things out by making them black and white and bring in a little more of nature, hence the green. I can see how it’s distracting though so I made some creative decisions. As suggested, I added a vignette into the image to try to zone in on the feeder. I also turn down the green, I still kept the color, but I turned it down a little so that it doesn’t steal the show from the feeder. Now I feel like the photo allows the bird feeder to take the center stage while still allowing the natural areas to shine through and the buildings fade into the background in black and white.

2nd post

    For this first photo of the prickly pear, I really had fun exaggerating the color and making it look super “futuristic” in a way. I went a little crazy with the saturation feature and the color altering feature. I tried to bring in some purple undertones which I think is what gave my photo the “infrared” feel. I also heightened the clarity so that the colors would pop\It is really hard to edit this way because I really like things to look natural. I took this photo of the prickly pear in October but now that I have edited it to be super saturated and warm it really feels very much like I took it in mid-August when the Italian sun is so hot that is makes everything seem like there are hot rays coming off of everything.


            My next photo I took a different approach. I first thought it would be cool to flip the photo entirely because I could not figure out a way to even out the horizon, so I just rolled with a different angle. I wanted to make this look like it was going into a rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland. I also added a lot of warm color and saturation to make it look more poppy and emulate the changing colors and patterns that Alice saw as she went down the rabbit hole.



3rd post

-The photographer would need to pay attention to light because it is one of the most important elements in photography. Once a photographer understand lighting they then have the knowledge to create a variety of photos.  

-Some of the illumination flaws in photos I have taken include insufficient light, improper contrast and glare.

-One way that I used light to create art was some friends and I were attempting to take photos at night and kept getting a glare because the clashing of lights. What I did was use a ring light and turned off the flash on my camera. This helped tremendously because the only light that was present was the ring light. 

-In my opinion darker and lighter areas of pictures I have taken has helped or contributed to the actual subject I am shooting. Of course this is not the case each time there are light and dark areas in a photo, however, I have had positive outcomes in this area a few times. 

Photos were taken seated at eye level. The settings I used were daylight, shade and cloudy.

Daylight – This setting was refreshing, the photo was so clear, enjoyable and clean. It was nice and bright and displayed a lot detail.


Shade – This setting gave the impression of the sun setting or that evening was close. It was warm and comforting to look at.


Cloudy- This setting reminded me a lot of shade, however, the tones were warmer and rich. This setting was slightly warmer than shade, but there were some similarities.