8 pages plus work cited

  Generally, most of you will be joining the
ranks as a low level assistant to the (insert your own title here) working for
some minor league franchise, local gym, and so on.  Additionally, most of the people you will be
working for have little to no training in sport management, particularly the
socio-political side of things.  As such,
many of your initial work projects will be to try to increase attendance and
usage of your facilities, team, stadium, and so on.  In earlier papers, some of you will have
intimated that, as an intern, your boss instructed those working under him/her
to encourage more ‘minorities’ to attend the event, use the gym, and/or so
on.  Many times this leads to base level,
crass consumer promotions like ladies night, Latino night, African-American
heritage night, or Out with the (team name here) night complete with
stereotypical images, signs, and symbols attempting to ‘hail’ minority
consumers.  From my point of view this is
a type of promotion rooted in racist/sexist/homophobic imagery and history, and
that a graduate from the Sport Management program should
be able to do better.  As such for this
project you need to go to a social space (not necessarily sport) where you are
the overwhelming minority (by at least 4 to 1).  In your paper I’d like you to describe how
you felt while there, how you were treated, and how (un)comfortable you may
have been.  Then I would like you to
describe a type of promotion that would get more people with your racial
(black), gender (male), class (upper/middle/lower),
and sexuality (heterosexual) to go to that space.  This might include volunteering at or vising
an after-school program, recreation or community center, or other groups
involved in youth and adult sport and physical activity – interested students
are welcome to propose their own ideas or inquire about possibilities. This
research would focus on the provision of sport and recreation to different
populations, and would allow the student to both describe a specific venue of
public, private and/or non-profit sport and recreation while also gaining
potential career experience and contacts in the area.  This may seem like a daunting task but I warn
you not to MAKE THIS UP.