AA meeting

Attend an open meeting. Be honest about being a nursing student attending to learn more about community resources.
1. Submit 1.5 to 2 page paper typed in paragraph form.
2. Get the AA leader to sign the attached form indicating the name, location and time of the meeting you attend.
3. Attach a copy of a brochure that are available at the meeting.
4. Briefly describe your experience at an open AA meeting, including the following points:
Name, time, location of the meeting
First impressions
Who did you attend with?
Describe the meeting: people, setting, format of the meeting
Did you hear any of the following terms used and what is your understanding of them? Big Book, 12-steps, 12 Traditions, higher power, sponsor, 90 in 90
How is the meeting funded?
Discuss anything specific about the meeting that you think was important.
Do you think AA is helpful for people with alcoholism? If so, how is it likely to help? If not, why not?
Could you see referring clients to AA?
Do you have concerns about AA?
What type of interaction did you have with any of the participants?
What was your emotional response to the meeting you attended?