AAU study and social class

Understanding how sport is privileged to those with the ability to access it, we must begin to understand critically how these barriers exist and how societally we can begin to negate their barring influence on sport. One such example of social class being observed in sport through financial barriers for entry, comes in the form of the rising emphasis on participation in Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) teams for junior high and high school athletes who aspire to earn a scholarship to a Division I NCAA institution. AAU teams are privately run entities who participate in leagues and tournaments that regularly take place in scholastic sports’ offseason. Often, college coaches from major programs attend AAU events, and in recent years, in sports such as basketball, AAU participation has arguably surpassed participation in scholastic sport in terms of importance for young athletes pursuing scholarship opportunities. However, participation on AAU teams can be quite costly for families, sometimes ranging up to $5,000 a season if their child does not play for a team that is sponsored by a major apparel company such as Nike or Adidas due to team fees, equipment, travel, and tournament costs.Assignment Specifics:1. Conduct your own research on the costs associated with participation in AAU, and the application of social class of sport that can be observed through learning about the AAU environment. Be sure to cite all outside sources utilized in your research both in-text and a works cited in APA format.2. Relate the world of AAU to course materials discussed in the Forms of Diversity: Social Class unit and apply the material to issues surrounding social class and financial barriers within AAU.3. Develop and propose possible solutions to issues associated with barriers for entry in AAU participation. Discuss the potential implications of your proposed solutions, and discuss potential benefits and difficulties associated with your solutions.