Active learning 6A discussion

Within the case study: School Shootings and Focus Group Research: Narrative Analysis and Problem Definition, many ideas were discussed in response to gun control. The topics discussed are the same ones brought up after mass shootings, such as stricter gun control, bans on specific weapons, or even taking away gun rights. The case study presented various approaches to how the government could help prevent school shootings. The participants came from different ethnic backgrounds, political parties, ages, and gender to have diverse responses.
One topic commonly discussed is the public health approach to preventing gun violence. This approach tries to prevent gun violence in all forms and strives toward health equity. If one was to look at gun violence as a whole, in 2019, there were 40,000 Americans killed by gun violence, an additional 1,700 suffered nonfatal firearm injuries, and millions of others were left with the trauma of losing a loved one or the fear of being shot (Centers for Disease, n.d.). When breaking down those killings, it comes to nearly 23,000 Americans who die from suicide, 14,000 from homicide, 1,000 by police shootings, and the remaining shot from domestic violence or unintentional shootings (Centers for Disease, n.d.). In the aftermath of acts of gun violence, questions arise about whether the attacker had a history of mental health conditions and does the country have a mental health problem or a gun problem. During the case study, this idea was mentioned multiple times with varying opinions of the participants. The mental health of an individual or individuals possessing a firearm must be discussed in the conversations about gun safety.
Another common talking point pertains to stricter gun control laws and the access to guns for certain people. According to the prevention institute, a summary of recommendations for sensible gun control consisted of reducing the access to guns for specific people. Insisting on the mandatory training and safety of a firearm before purchasing and requiring specific safes and storage containers for unsupervised weapons (Prevention Institute, 2022). Another topic consisted of raising the purchasing age for firearms and restricting certain types of weapons and attachments. This topic also brings up diverse responses; one side argues that Americans do not need specific types of guns, whereas the other side believes that if you restrict one type of gun, they will eventually restrict them all.
There will always be two sides to implementing gun control, and they will always have different opinions on what needs to be done. Finding neutral grounds for both and protecting the safety of Americans and their rights needs to be figured out. Reading this case study was not a surprise to me, and I felt like I could foresee some of the responses a participant would say prior to me reading it. These conversations are the same ones brought up after a school shooting and slowly dissipate and are eventually forgotten.
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