Address specific issue with a letter

Senator Tina Smith from Minnesota has expressed interest in working with ASCLS to developed a bill to address the medical laboratory science workforce needs. The proposal includes creating a $25 million loan repayment program specifically for laboratory personnel and an additional $25 million grant program for medical laboratory educational programs.
After you have listened to the two videos Labvocate webinars and the legislative process lecture, your assignment is to write a letter to Senator Smith to express your concern about this issue and include a clear statement of what you would like Senator Smith to do. It is always good to include your personal story, so you might want to include how you expect your student loan debt is impacting you, or information about what you have learned about the role medical laboratory scientist play in healthcare, particularly during the pandemic. including facts is also good, so additional information about the workforce shortage can be found in the “Leave-Behind” from the 2019 legislative symposium. (The 2020 Legislative symposium was canceled and the 2021 Legislative Symposium has been moved to October 25-26, 2021). The letter should follow the format of a business letter (use the Washington, DC address, not the local address), the date, a proper salutation, and closing. Remember to thank the legislator for their time.