Advice for creating an expose An exposé should be three to four

Advice for creating an expose

An exposé should be three to four pages in length, and should contain the following components:

Title page

Research stream

Central question and your problem/thesis statement

Current state of research

Theoretical framing

Your proposed results

Project structure



The title page should list following information: ( I WILL DO THIS PART)

Title of the bachelor thesis

First and last name


E-mail address


Study program


Matriculation number

Name of the favored first supervisor and possible second supervisor

Date of submission

Research stream;


Consider your strengths and interests, why did you choose this stream?

The “central question and problem/thesis statement” should a) narrow down the object of investigation and b) precisely enunciate the question.

What area do you investigate?

What is your research question / aim?

The “current state of research” should provide a survey of important work done in your field of research. Which studies/projects have been published in your research field and what are the central results of these?

In the “theoretical framing” you address which theoretical approaches or concepts form the foundation of your project.

The point of “proposed results” is not to write about the results of your research or about the conclusion of your thesis. The aim of this section is to sketch out a

speculative idea of the kind of result you could imagine reaching and what this could look like. Some things to consider here are:

What are your leading questions you developed in advance?

Do you have hypotheses/ideas/assumptions about your topic?

Under “Project Structure” you give a first attempt at structuring your thesis. Important for this is that you have a “golden thread” woven throughout your thesis, which should be made visible in the structure. This structure should outline the function and extent of the different sections of your thesis. Important: It can be changed later, but it is helpful to have a first idea of this!

The “timetable” should show in weekly steps what you plan to do before and during the nine weeks of writing/production of the thesis work. State the date you intend to hand in your thesis.

The “references” section should be a standard format list of references. This is your first attempt at a literature review – all ongoing research should be listed in a temporary (and growing) reference list that you will accumulate during the process of writing/producing your thesis work..

I choose Theoretical as the research stream. I study Digital Media Bachelor so I would be really happy if a writer can find me a Theoretical research question in this field so, I can continue my thesis according to this research question later on. All other details about the Thesis Expose written in the document. Thank youu