AEMT/PARAMEDIC 1 Medical Scenarios

1. Review the case studies and answer all questions relating to each.
2. Read the entire case study and familiarize yourself with each of the questions first.
3. Sources of research may include, but are not limited to:
o Prescribed textbook and other textbooks
o Reputable online resources such as the National Library of Medicine, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Heart Association, Journal of Emergency Medical Services, and so on.
4. Ensure that all references are current and preferably not more than five years old
5. Do not use your textbook alone – Work that is not based on a variety of different sources is unacceptable.
6. If you directly quote a source the quoted portion must be in enclosing quotation marks and the source must be cited. Try to limit the number of quotes and rather use your own words.
7. Your answers must be comprehensive. Short answers will not be accepted. You must discuss in detail the reasons for your answers. If, for example, you are asked “what body systems are involved, “it is not sufficient to simply say, “respiratory, endocrine, and nervous.” You must explain WHY you have determined that these systems are involved and HOW they are involved.
8. If there are multiple parts to a question, you must answer each part.
9. Write your answers in the blue text boxes provided. Every box must contain an answer. Do not use the size of the text box to determine how much should be written – write as much as needed. The text box will grow to accommodate your answer.
10. The keywords for this paper are WHAT, WHY, AND HOW! Cover those bases and you will do well.
11. Demonstrate your critical thinking skills as fully as possible. There may or may not be “right” answers to all questions. Look for plausible answers and explain your reasons.
12. Justify your answers with WHAT, WHY, AND HOW explanations.
13. The more complete your discussion is, the better your grade will be. You will have an opportunity to revise your paper before a final grade is issued.