Al-Maktoom International Airport/ Construction Research Topic

will choose a topic for the term paper and the related presentation to each team. The research will
focus on the use of latest technologies for civil/construction projects built after the year 2000. Your job
is to analyze the the integration of the latest technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, Modular
Construction, Building Information Modeling, etc. for your project and compare the engineering design
and construction solutions with previously built projects that serve a similar function, also highlighting
the impact of local environmental, cultural and societal issues on those solutions.
The Project to be researched is (Al-Maktoom International Airport)
Term Paper Format:
The main body of the paper should be at least eight pages, but no more than twelve pages long
including the references. The cover page and the table of content are not included in the page count.
Please use Times New Roman font 12 double-spaced or Arial font 11 double-spaced with 1” margins
on all sides.
The paper should have the following parts:
1. Cover Page. Write the title of the US/Europe and the international projects and the names of
the team members. (1 page-Cover Page format will be provided by the instructor)
2. Table of contents. (1 page)
3. The main body of the paper should include the following (8 -12 pages)
I. Introduction
i. Purpose of the projects. Why was built? Identify who designed and constructed
it, when was the construction started and completed, how much did it cost, etc.
II. Technical discussion
i. Describe the main functions of the project.
ii. Design.
1. Describe the engineering design solutions for the project
a. Structural design. What are the unique aspects of the structures?
Include design drawings, if available
b. Foundation design. What type of foundation was used and why?
Include design details, if available
c. Others. Include important design features.
2. Compare the projects and analyze the impact of local cultural,
societal and environmental issues on the specific design
solutions adopted for the project in both countries (i.e.
availability of materials, different design and environmental
impact standards, population issues etc.)
iii. Construction.
1. Describe the construction work for the project and compare the
construction process with similar projects built before this
2. Highlight the features the project that make it unique.
III. Conclusion
i. Provide a brief summary of the project. What are the major issues that
engineers faced with the project?
ii. How were they solved and what is the unique aspect of the solution?
iii. What did you learn from this project?
IV. References. Use at least five references to describe the engineering design aspect of
the identified projects. References from journals and technical reports are required.
You may include relevant tables and figures.