American Congress

Describe the role that apportionment and redistricting play in shaping Congress? What is gerrymandering and is it important ? Why? How does gerrymandering impact the American system or are its effects overstated? How has gerrymandering affected the state legislative and US Congressional map in Ohio over the last couple of decades (do some research on your own), especially the decade we are currently living in? Do you believe the redistricting process should be altered in Ohio? Why or why not and if so, how?
2.Describe the role of the constituency and how members of Congress relate to them. Vital to this discussion
would be the concept of representation. Be sure to talk about such aspects of home style as road-tripping, casework, the franking privilege, and any others you can think of. Also, you might want to discuss Fenno’s conception of the different types of constituencies that are present in a district or state. How do the demographics of the constituency effect representation? What does your home congressional district look like (e.g., SES, demographics) and how does this impact how your representative relates to his /her constituents and his /her electoral prospects?