Analyse the impacts of making a city centre car-free

• The report should analyse impacts in general. It should not be about a

specific city or country, although you may use specific examples.

• The Analysis section should be split into 3 subsections, where you consider

the viewpoints of various stakeholders. The first subsection should cover a

perspective relating to your degree (either The Economic Impacts, The

Health Impacts

The other perspectives should be The Environmental Impacts

and The Social Impacts.

• Your report should include the following sections:

Cover Page (not included in word count).

Executive Summary (not included in word count).

Contents Page (not included in word count).

Introduction (suggested: 300 words).

Analysis (suggested: 1200 words. Split into 3 subsections of roughly 400

words each, one for each perspective).

Conclusion (suggested: 150 words).

Recommendations (suggested: 350 words. Include 3 or 4


Reference List (not included in word count).

Further guidance on what should be included in each section is provided below.

Task: Analyse the impacts of making a city centre car-free.

Use this analysis to recommend ways of maximising the benefits

and/or minimising the challenges of making a city centre car-free.

APS 2021/22 Trimester 1 Written Assignment Brief


Cover Page

• Title of the report (the assignment question).

• Title of the module.

• Student Number (1xxxxxx).

• Date of submission.

• Word count. This should exclude the Executive Summary, Contents Page,

Reference List and in-text citations e.g. (Smith, 2021).

Executive Summary (not included in the word count)

• Summary of each section of the report and its key points.

Contents Page (not included in the word count)

• Section headings with page numbers.

Introduction (suggested: 300 words)

• Definition of a car-free city.

• A discussion (with examples) of the various stakeholders involved in making

a city centre car-free.

• A sentence summarising the main aims of the report.

Analysis (suggested: 1200 words, 400 for each perspective)

• One subsection for each of the 3 perspectives. Ideally, each perspective

should cover 2 to 3 different issues.

• Each subsection should have a subheading.

• All key ideas should be supported with reliable, relevant source evidence.

For students studying a degree related to Health and Social Care the first

Analysis subsection should be The Health Impacts.

Relevant issues might include:

➢ Changes in how citizens exercise.

➢ The impact on mental health.

➢ Changes in health related to using vehicles less frequently